the littlest new beginning

Admittedly, I’ve dropped the ball on keeping up with my posts. I met an amazing man, got engaged, bought a house, planned a wedding, went on a whirlwind euro-trip honeymoon, was accepted to graduate school, and am currently pursuing my doctorate in education.

However, this is not an excuse. This blog was my source of happiness, in that it added a perspective to my life of searching for random acts of kindness. As head teacher of my school, I’ve helped start a new initiative of a Kind Campus, using the Ben’s Bells platform. I’ve begun to regain the perspective of seeing the kindness in the most unexpected or unappreciated of places.

So, as much as I know I’ve said it before, here marks the beginning of a new chapter for the littlest lilac. As I’m settling into married life, and am arguably the busiest I’ve ever been, I am recommitting to posting about the little things that bring my joy in my day-to-day life.


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