the littlest act of kindness

While waiting for my train in Grand Central, I was sitting a couple yards away from a woman who clearly has had some difficulties in her life. Her head was down. Her clothes were tattered. 

I witnessed a couple come by with an elegant shopping bag, complete with fluffy tissue paper coming out of the top. I watched as the husband stood by me and the wife quietly tip-toed up to the woman and placed the bag beside her. The wife then quickly retreated to her husband and the two disappeared into the crowd of travelers. The woman very clearly did not notice the event that just occurred.

I am always amazed by the random acts of kindness that I see. Especially in a place as big as this, where it is so easy to focus on just yourself and forget the world around you. Even more, to not expect any recognition for your actions. 

It was absolutely a moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. 

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