the littlest hugs

I felt that this story was very appropriate for my 100th post!

I was lining my students up for dismissal.  Some were slower than others at getting their backpacks and homework together.  I stood at the door to my classroom and my 5th graders slowly got in line as they were ready to leave.

One of my girls asked me, “Do you know _____’s parents or something?  She’s always giving you hugs.”

I explained that I did know her parents, as they work with my mom.  I went on to clarify that, “Sometimes you give hugs to people because you like them and care about them, not just because your parents know them.”

She had the cutest response in the world:

“Does that mean we can give you hugs?”

I gave her a smile and told her that of course they could!  I was immediately swarmed with hugs from several of my kiddos.  It was one of those moments that makes every single day of insanity worth it.  I love my kids, and I love going to work everyday.  I’m so lucky to be where I am and to be doing what I’m doing!

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