the littlest persistence

I recently met a new camper who is 6 years old. He’s adorable: blonde hair, blue eyes, bubbly personality, and a true zest for life. You can’t help but want to spend time with this kid!

The impressive part? He suffers from ataxia. He had a cancerous brain tumor when he was only months old and was hospitalized for two months after the surgery. All major milestones that a child has was delayed by 5 years for this little guy.

He didn’t start to walk until he was five.
He only started to run last week.
Speaking is difficult muscularly, but you can tell that the thoughts and words are in that beautiful head of his.

I have never seen a child with more determination to accomplish what all the other children are doing. He wanted to run, play, jump, and swim with everyone else. He had no interest in going to paint in art while the rest of the group played soccer, even if he struggled to find the balance to stand and fell frequently.

I gave him the role of “my helper” in the afternoon, and he assisted me in setting up the audio equipment for a camp talent show. He loved the idea of having an important job to do.  He helped plug in cords and pushed buttons.  His favorite part was testing if the microphone worked!

He inspired me so much to not let any obstacle get in my way.  To just keep chugging along and persisting.  With enough effort and determination, truly anything is possible.

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