the littlest accomplishment

I’ll be the FIRST person to admit- I hate running. I don’t see the point in exerting all the energy to run for the sake of running.

Sports game? Sure. Late for something important? Absolutely. But just to run? Nope. Don’t get it.

Nevertheless, I’ve forced myself to start running in the past year and a half. I take my dog(s) with me and we get some quality, sweaty, panting time together – in addition to the health benefits and trying to be better to my body, of course.

I guess I should clarify: when I say running, I mean that I get on all my running gear: shorts, shirt, sports bra, stylish sneakers, and iPod arm band. I take off at a medium pace, and have difficulty breathing before I even hit a quarter mile. Therefore, my run is more of a jog- walk to catch my breath- jog again.

I have an awesome app called runmeter that tracks my speed, distance, and other frivolous facts so it can mock my average speed of 11min/mile at the end of my run.

Anyway, I just hit a button in the app that I don’t usually hit (fat thumbs) and it showed the culmination of all data since I’ve begun using the app.

I’m very proud to say that I’ve run (okay, okay- jogged) 60.82 miles since I’ve begun this endeavor. For someone who is a non-runner, this is a huge accomplishment.

I just wanted to emphasize the point that anything, anything is possible if you set your mind to it. One step at a time, slow and steady, will allow you to accomplish any goal you desire. The most important things to remember are:

1. Do not compare yourself to anyone but you.
I can’t begin to name the number of times I was passed by someone zipping by at a quicker pace. I still kept chugging along, at the speed that was comfortable for me. I took it slower when I needed to, but pushed myself when it was appropriate. The speed of the other guys really didn’t affect me in any way. I only compared my run times from one day to the next, not to someone else’s time.

2. Don’t expect results overnight.
If you want something, to improve at an activity or finally achieve that big goal, do not expect that you’ll manage it right away. I’m still struggling with my running, but I want to be healthier. I want to take care of my body in its prime years- it will be taking care of me later down the road. It’s been well over a year since I started, and it’s still difficult. The key is that I don’t give up. I persevere through the pain and the shortness of breath.

3. Do it for you.
This is the most important point: don’t set any goal or make any life changes for anyone but yourself. You do not have to change for anyone. You are perfect exactly the way you are- as long as you are happy with who you are. If you are the person instigating change, Godspeed my friend. But do not let any other person make you feel inferior and motivate you to change yourself. You’re worth so much more. :)



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