the littlest phrase

So I had the pleasure of substituting for the Spanish teacher this morning. (No, that wasn’t sarcasm, I actually love getting the chance to use my 8 years of Spanish!)

I visited every class over the course of the morning, and each had a different lesson depending on the age. The first graders had a video to watch which taught them basic Spanish phrases. When I saw they were getting antsy, i began pausing the video every few minutes to elaborate on the phrases they were being told.

One particular phrase, “La casa es bonita.” I told students that they could then use “es bonita” to describe other things, for example, “la mariposa es bonita” (the butterfly is beautiful- the girls in this class are butterfly CRAZY).

I then asked them to come up with their own phrases using “es bonita.” The first thing one of them blurted out?

“Miss Kivela es bonita!!!”

The cutest. I love my school and internship.

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