the littlest storm

I needed something to restore my faith in humanity. After nearly a week of witnessing a plethora of negative, malicious interactions between other people, I had an AMAZING experience this afternoon.

As many news stations have reported, there was a very large storm in The greater New Milford area. I ended up driving home during the storm.

I passed countless fallen trees and downed power lines, causing me to alter my route homed. But as I turned onto my road, little did I know I had yet to face my biggest obstacle.

There was a tree that had fallen across the entire road. Neither direction of traffic could pass and there was no possible way to drive around on the grass.

A van was already stopped at the tree, and I realized that there was no way to get home (it was still pouring).

So of course I did what any fully-grown, 24-year-old girl would do: I called my mommy and daddy.

They quickly offered to meet me on the other side of the tree in our old mini-van, which was the only car not blocked by the tree that had fallen in our own driveway.

By the time my dad made it down our road, at least half a dozen other cars found themselves in the same predicament I was in. The owner of the van that had stopped had returned (although I hadn’t realized he had left his vehicle) with a chainsaw.

Before I even realized what was happening, about 8-10 of my neighbors were working together to dismantle the tree. Sawdust was flying, groups of people were lifting heavy branches together, and everyone was looking out for the rest of the group.

It really, truly, was one of the most awesome moments of people coming together for the benefit of everyone, not just one individual. It made me so proud to be part of this neighborhood and community. I was even more amazed that what may have been seen by others as an incredibly negative, pessimistic event, was turned into a group effort of people working together to accomplish something positive.

There is always a silver lining in the storm clouds!

The storm clouds rolling in.




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