the littlest concern

I’m currently sitting in the parking lot of my mechanic to drop off my car. My mom is coming to get me, but I’m a little early so I decided to just hang out on my phone.

An elderly woman and (who I’m assuming was) her son was dropping off her car to be serviced as well.

Both were friendly; smiling at me as we passed each other.

She got into his car and they pulled away. Then I noticed the car moving backward.

They were so sweet- they were concerned about me so they reversed until our windows were aligned and the woman asked me, “Are you okay?” I explained to them I was waiting for my mom, and they went on their way.

The tiniest things like that restore my faith in humanity. They easily could have kept driving. The pair had no reason to be concerned for my well-being. But the simple gesture of stopping to ask, “Are you okay?” has the power to dramatically change someone. Maybe not their whole life, but certainly a situation.

Had I been in need of help, they would have been invaluable to me. A simple question: that’s all someone may need.

Take a moment and ask someone you know, or don’t know, a question.
“Do you need help?”
“What’s wrong?”
“Are you okay?”

…you’ll truly make a difference in someone’s day. 😊


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