the littlest satisfaction

I had a moment today that seems to come very rarely.  Not only rare for myself, but rare for people in general, especially women.

I looked in the mirror before I hopped in the shower and I was perfectly content with what I saw.

I didn’t wish I could trim off a bit of fat here, or tuck away a curve there.  I was happy with myself and with my body.  I was happy with my curves and imperfections.  I was perfectly pleased with who I was.

Granted, I haven’t lost any weight lately.  As a matter of fact, the stress from graduate school on top of an internship has caused me to gain a few pounds!  Nevertheless, I was happy and proud of my body.  It takes care of me, even with all the stress I put it through.

Moreover, I thought, “What person would really want to hug a bony stick-figure anyway?”  I need my curves to soften me.

When I eventually have children, I do not want them to think for a minute that the way they appear physically should change how they deserve to be treated by others, or how they deserve to think of themselves.  I’m starting now, with me.  That way, my confidence can slowly grow and be steadfast by the time I’m demonstrating the power of self-worth and self-love for them.

Fretting and stressing over being model-thin simply isn’t healthy, for your physical or emotional state.  We all know the media isn’t helping with this pessimistic comparison; prove to them that it’s not okay to portray ‘beauty’ in only one light.

People of all sizes are beautiful.  Wasting your days worrying about a number on a scale is absurd.  Love yourself for who you are and the skin you’re in.  For better or worse, you’re stuck with yourself for good.

Love yourself.
Be proud of yourself.
You are awesome exactly the way you are.



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