The littlest reassurance

In the crazy mess of life, I found myself in Stop & Shop this afternoon, avidly looking for orange juice to help subside my cold. I successfully found my two bottles of Tropicana, and headed to the register. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a face that was very familiar to me.

It was one of the students from the class I was in last year. I quickly went up and said hello to her, and introduced myself to her mother. Now a ‘cool,’ 6th grader, she quickly answered my questions and embarrassedly walked away. Her mother, on the other hand, had a completely different reaction.

“YOU’RE Miss Kivela!!!” She proceeded to excitedly exclaim, in the middle of an isle overfilled with shampoos, how her daughter and the other girls from the class would constantly talk about me and how much they loved me during their sleepovers. She said that they loved how I called them my “nuggets” and always recalled something fun I had done with them earlier that day.

Her niece is in the school district I’m interning in now, and she asked me how I like it there. Obviously, I gushed about how happy I am in Region 12. I love my internship.

She expressed how she was happy that I am enjoying my time at my new schools. However, she was sure to include at the end, “when you’re finished there, I hope you come back to New Milford schools!”

It was so reassuring to know that not only had I touched the life of a student, but I had made significant enough an impact that her mother appreciated me- a year later! I absolutely love what I’m doing every day, and it’s so amazing to know that on top of enjoying it, I may actually be doing something right. :)

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