the littlest new year

I’m sure that you’ve seen hundreds of posts on the internet celebrating the new year.  Trends such as #goodriddance2013 #goodbye2013 and #FINALLY2014 have been dominating my Facebook timeline.

At first, I had the exact same feeling.  I was so ready for the drama and negative aspects of 2013 to be completely behind me.  To move forward and start fresh. It was then that I started to really examine what ‘starting fresh’ means.

Do we really need to anxiously wait for the digits on the calendar to change for us to feel that we can begin to heal from the past?  Time is constantly passing.  As I sit here and right this post, time is flying by me.

If last night had been the passing from July 31 to August 1, would anyone have taken notice?  To some extent.  Calendars would flip forward one month.  Mouses would scroll down a little further to click on dates.

What if it was the passing from March 11 to March 12.  Then, would anyone notice?  Minimally.  Other than those individuals celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, the evening between those dates is typically uneventful and unnoticed.  However, it is still an evening in which time passes and moves forward.  The past is becoming more and more behind us.

So, why is there so much emphasis on a New Year to begin whatever healing process we each need to embark on individually?  Why not find your footing, and start moving forward now.  Today.  Immediately.  Think of the time you possibly wasted in waiting for that last digit you write on your checks, homework assignments, reports to your boss, to change.

Essentially, I’m trying to encourage you to live for now.  Stop watching the clock and the calendar.  Embrace the moment that you are in, and make the best of it.  Of course, it’s important to have events to look forward to!  Just don’t have those moments you’re anxiously anticipating be the time you’re starting something.  Start now.  Cry it out, fill out that application, or make that apologizing phone call you’ve been putting off.

No one is guaranteed a tomorrow, so stop waiting.

There’s no day but today.

I hope you all have a happy, healthy, and safe 2014!

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