the littlest klutz

For those who know me personally, I’m a klutz to the extreme.  I mean, tripping over myself, dropping things, falling down klutz.  Graceful is definitely not a word many people use to describe me!

Today, I was playing a reading game with a first grader.  We were throwing velcro balls at a fabric target.  Wherever the ball landed, she had to say the word (it was to focus on the short pronunciation of vowels).  One of her throws accidentally ended up missing the target, hitting the top of the filing cabinet, and getting lost somewhere behind it.  I went over to find it, but I couldn’t see it.  I looked on both sides of the filing cabinet, above, below- it was no where to be found.

Logically, I figured some added light to the shadowy area behind the filing cabinet may help.  I grabbed my phone, turned on the flashlight, and started looking around.  Still nothing!  I was beginning to get frustrated, and let myself momentarily lose focus on what I was doing.  Just like that, CLUNK!  My phone fell between two very heavy filing cabinets.  The space between the two was too small for my arm to fit, and too far back for my first grade friend to reach.  My little buddy took the opportunity to emphatically exclaim,

“I guess it’s time to get a new cell phone!”

Knowing that was not a legitimate option, I decided it was time to surrender my solitary approach and call in backup.  I went into the main office, swallowed my pride, and admitted I goofed up.  After a few giggles, our wonderful custodian came to help me.  Yardsticks seemed to be the logical answer, but my phone was just wider than the gap between the two filing cabinets, and wouldn’t come loose.  I proceeded to remove the bottom drawer from one filing cabinet (finding the lost ball!  yay!) and tipping it away from the other cabinet.  With a yard stick wrapped with duct tape on the end, we tried to have my phone attach to the stick.  All that seemed to accomplish was getting my phone stuck underneath the filing cabinet.  Time for Plan C.

Trading places, I reached with my arm between the two filing cabinets as my partner in crime tilted the one I had removed the drawer from.  With a little stretching and creative angles, we were able to successfully get my phone out of the abyss.

One thing is for sure: in life with me, there is never a dull moment!

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