the littlest snow day

I woke up this morning in the pitch-black darkness of 5:20am to the buzzing of my phone ringing.  I answered, only to be greeted by an automated message informing me that school was closed for the day.  With a smirk on my face, I placed my iPhone back on its charger, rolled over, and fell back to sleep for several hours.

When I woke (yes, it was after 10am) the world outside my window was a frozen wonderland.  Everything was transformed from the brown, dull, lifeless colors of late fall to the beauty of a white, flawless winter.  Today’s snow day not only allowed me to rejuvenate my sleep schedule, but seemed to bring life to the world outside as well.  Suddenly, everything appears to be a little bit more magical.  Just in time for Christmas!

As the sun set this afternoon, I was able to steal a moment of this frosty new world.  With the sunset setting the scene on fire, it becomes a beautiful oxymoron.


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