the littlest question

Today, while teaching a small math intervention group to 5th graders, the subject of taking tests in high school and middle school came up.  One of the girls asked me,

“Miss Kivela, is it true that if you’re taking a test in high school and you talk, the teacher will rip up your paper?”

Obviously encouraging proper test etiquette, I quickly responded with, “I’ve seen it happen!  The teacher throws out the test and you get a zero.”

Curiously, another student probed me for more,

“Did that ever happen to you, Miss Kivela?”

Confidently and rapidly, I explained to them how I was always very careful during tests to keep my eyes on my own paper and not talk to any of my friends until the test was completely over.

Completely convinced that there was no other alternative, the first girl retorts,

“Well that’s because Miss Kivela is perfect.  She never does anything wrong!”

I giggled and explained to them how I mess up things all the time. Either way, It’s nice to know that someone thinks I can do no wrong!

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