the littlest thanks (week 4)

This is a continuation in a series of posts about #30daysofthankfulness!  See the previous two installments here:

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#22 – My mama llama!  A perfect example of something I am thankful for that I have strategically placed.  The number 22 is only one of  many things that I’ve shared with my best friend- the number on our high school basketball jerseys.  She is always there for me, even when I screw up (and helps point out to me where I went wrong and how to fix it!).  My mom does so much for my siblings and I day in and day out, while working full time and having an ankle that was recently operated on twice.  She truly is superwoman, and I’m thankful everyday that I have such a great role model and friend in my life.  I love you, mama llama!

#23 – I’m so thankful for water.  I know this sounds silly, but hear me out before you judge!  It is so calming and relaxing to stand by a lake or the roaring ocean.  I’ve found the reason that I really love SCUBA diving (other than the amazing view!) is that it’s forced silence.  You can get lost with your own thoughts and not having anyone interrupt you with their own opinions and conversation.


#24 – This guy.  Craig Schneider, so fondly known as “doc.”  He was my saving grace throughout college, and offered advice through both academic and social turmoil.  He is fundamentally the reason I stayed at Trinity all four years, and I would absolutely be a different person today had it not been for his kind, understanding, and supportive nature.  I can only hope that I one day become half the teacher that he has been (and continues to be!) to me.  (He has an AMAZING wife who I adore, too!)

#25 –  I’m very thankful for the 21st amendment!  No, I’m not a complete boozer!  However, I do enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail in the evening.  When life gets totally stressed out and I need to simply relax, a drink with my mom is perfect.  Additionally, who doesn’t enjoy grabbing a drink with friends?

#26 – I’m thankful for not always getting what I want.  It teaches me character, increases my moral standing, and makes me an overall more patient person.  So many people are accustomed to instant gratification in today’s age of technology, and it’s nice to be put in check every now and then by having to wait it out.  Additionally, that way I don’t become a totally spoiled brat.

#27 – My boyfriend.  I strategically placed him at #27, it’s not because he’s this much of an afterthought on the list.  A month ago today I met him, and my life has drastically changed because of it.  He’s already become my best friend and partner in crime.  We frequently finish each other’s sentences or say the exact same phrases at the same time.  I feel so lucky to have found someone so amazing who fits so perfectly in my life.  It’s like he was made to fit here with me.

#28 – While I am thankful for all my friends in my life, these two certainly deserve their own mention.  I absolutely, without a doubt, would not be the person I am today without these two clowns in my life.  For better or worse, happy times to family tragedies, stupid high school breakups to marching band competitions, these two have always been there for me.  Whether a short drive or a phone call away, I have two ‘brothers’ who mean the world to me.  Even though we’ve now grown up and all live in different places, I have no doubt that if I really needed them at 3:30am, they would come running without hesitation.  Robbie & Cookie, thank you for having always been there for me and never giving up on me.

#29 – They absolutely are NOT least on this list, but the people in this photo mean the WORLD to me. Nancy and Gary Burns are like the Aunt & Uncle I’ve always wanted.  They are there for me year-round, no matter what.  I’m so lucky to have them in my life.  On top of that, I get to work  for these amazing people in the summer.  I can’t imagine having a better arrangement.  I genuinely love these two!

*picture to come!*

#30 – My Freedom.  I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to go where I’d like, when I’d like.  I’m not restricted to one area or completely dependent on a single resource for my existence.  I am a free lady.  The best part about traveling to new places and seeing new things?  The friends I make along the way. :)

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