the littlest reunion

Today, Region 12 had no school as part of their Thanksgiving break.  However, New Milford still had school, so I took the opportunity to substitute for the day.

I never expected to have as amazing a return to Sarah Noble as I did.  So many people came to ask me (with enthusiasm!) how I was and how I like my internship.  Several people came out of their way to come and find me once they heard I was in the building.  It was really heartwarming to know that I haven’t been forgotten!

However, most impressively, was the reaction that the students had when they saw me again. I wasn’t sure that they would be as warm and fuzzy toward me as they had last school year, especially since it has been over 5 months since I last saw them!

To the complete contrary of my fears, I was smothered with hugs and love, high-fives and screams of excitement as I was spotted down the hallway.  So many of my little nuggets from last year came and filled me in on how their year in 6th grade is going.  Some of them had changed drastically, wearing mascara or a different haircut, while others appeared exactly the same as when I last saw them in June (with the exception of their height!).

The highlight of my day was getting to see my not-so-little girl I was with all last year.  She was the such a joy to work with and the reason I got out of bed every morning.  When she saw me, she came a gave me a big hug (which is a rare commodity with her!), and immediately starting filling me in on everything that has happened since she last saw me.  Everything from her Ramadan celebration in July, to the postcard I sent her in August, to who her younger brother has for 4th grade this year, she kept blabbing and talking in circles with the biggest, goofiest smile on her face.

It was so reassuring to know that the little girl who single-handedly forever changed my life hadn’t forgotten me!  Had it not been for her, I would not be on the path that I am today.  Of course, there were many others who contributed to my experience and decisions last year.  But if my little nugget had not been there, I would not have been in the classroom I was in to begin with.  Just as I have always said, everything happens for a reason.

Tickle Me Elmo

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