the littlest observation

I’m subbing for my favorite class today, (although I have mixed emotions about it because I love their teacher and when I am in for her, I can’t hang out with her!) which is a group of first graders.

They walked in this morning, and one little boy stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me:

“Miss Kivela!  You look really tired!”

I laughed a little and said,

“Thank you!  I really need this vacation that’s coming up.”

That’s when a second little boy jumped in and exclaimed,

“Vacation?  Miss Kivela I don’t want you to leave!  You need to stay here with us forever!”

love this class.  They are the cutest, sweetest, and funniest group of kiddos.  I’m so lucky to have them (and their awesome teacher) in my life! <3

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