the littlest thanks (week 2)

This is a continuation in a series of posts about #30daysofthankfulness!  See the previous installment here:

the littlest thanks (week 1)

#8 – My car.  I take Zippy (yes, I name my cars) for granted day after day.  My Jeep Grand Cherokee is reliable as a golden retriever.  I feel safe, protected, and secure.  It’s comfortable and attractive, and performs as if it were fresh off the lot, although it has 91,000 miles on it.  I love my car!

#9 – These characters.  I’ve nicknamed them ‘Frick’ & ‘Frack,’ but I’m unaware of what their real names actually are.  When the sun used to wait until a decent hour to set, I would pass these two on my way home 2-3 days a week.  I’d pull over, stop, and get out and just talk to them for a bit.  They let me pet them, and nuzzled me.  It actually got to the point where they would recognize me and come trotting over when they saw me get out of the car.  It’s amazing what animals can do for your mood and outlook on life!

Frick & Frack

#10 – Children.  All of them.  From the 64 & 87 at Burnham and Booth Free Schools, to the 200+ at Pathfinder Day Camp, the 1,200+ at Sarah Noble Intermediate School, to the thousands more I occasionally see while running errands.  Every single one of them make me smile.  Their outlook on life and innocent opinions crack me up every day.  I’ve posted countless times on here of quick comments, little phrases, and pictures students have made for me.  Children are amazing

#11 – Coffee.  This may seem like an exaggeration, but for those who know me, coffee is what my day revolves around.  I can function without it, but not to the best of my ability.  Even in high school, the regular latte, cappuccino, or macchiato is what helped me through the most difficult of AP Calculus problems.  In college, the Underground Coffeehouse was my salvation for all things caffeine.

#12 – My friends.  I’m so lucky that I have people who I can call at 3am on various continents in an emergency, and know they would pick up the phone and help in any way they could.  While I may not get to tell them as often as I should, but I love and appreciate every single one of them.


#13 – My house.  While I’m still finding myself adjusting to it, and  it’s not the house that I grew up in, my family’s new house is magnificent.  I’ve had so much fun helping my parents remodel and renovate what was a fixer-upper a year ago.

#14 – Where I live.  I love Connecticut.  While I may not be such a fan of the cold, I love the changing of seasons.  I love how close it is to Montauk.  I love how it’s so country, but in 2 hours I can be in the greatest city in the world (NYC, of course!). I’m so happy that it’s close to the water- not a lake or a river, but the sound and the ocean.  I really feel like I have the best of all worlds here.

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