the littlest community

I was up and running around with my family this morning: driving my brother to rehearsal, going with mom to check out a tag sale, and headed to Home Depot to buy paint (among other things).

We were inside for well over an hour, closer to two. When we finally checked out and went outside, the whole parking lot had transformed! There were fire trucks, K9 dogs, booths, free hot dogs, K 105.5 Radio, and my personal favorite part, a workshop for kids of all ages to build their own miniature airplane. The Home Depot even distributed kid-sized aprons, just like those of the employees.

Obviously, it was an event that had been planned for some time. Still, it was absolutely adorable to see the community come together. Everything was free, and people were being kind and loving toward one another- something that I feel is very rare nowadays. It’s nice to know that a small town in the middle of nowhere Connecticut can still look out for, and take care of, each other.



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