the littlest noodle

I’ve been making my way around to different classes with my internship in Region 12 elementary school to observe.  Today, I ended up in first grade for the entire morning.  During snack, I found myself talking with the class (yes, all nine of them) about their favorite foods.  Some said pizza, or spaghetti, or even cantaloupe was what really tickled their tummies.  One student was rather shy about sharing his favorite food, so I made sure to personally ask him so that he felt a part of the group discussion.  Confidently he says,

“I know it’s not their real name, but it’s what I call them.  My favorite food is squiggly noodles!”

He was so proud and happy of his unique name for his food!  I’m assuming they are spirals or even just spaghetti, but his squiggly noodles put such a big smile on his face!

Keep it silly and squiggly.  We could all use a little more of that in our lives!

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