the littlest loss

My hometown recently lost a young woman who had so much potential in her future.  At the tender age of 19, she was an incredible actress, singer, and person.  We were not close friends, but knew each other enough to be friends on Facebook and say hello to each other when we would pass at events in town.  Hearing about her passing is devastating to the community.

Witnessing my community mourn the loss of such a young, vibrant soul has gotten me to begin thinking about two main points.

First, Don’t take a single day for granted.
You never know when your time here is up. Don’t waste your time doing something that you don’t enjoy!  Take risks. Do what you love.  Go on that adventure or trip you’ve been longing to for years.  Start working on your hopes, goals, and dreams now. There may not be a tomorrow to reach them!  Start now.  Do it now.  You’ll be so happy that you did.  Don’t waste your life stuck in a routine that you’re tired of- DO SOMETHING. CHANGE SOMETHING. Please, get out there and LIVE.

Second, Tell people you love them while you have the opportunity.
I’ve seen a large number of posts on Jessica’s wall telling her how much they love her, care for her, and how much of a positive impact she had made on their lives.  Many of those posts included a statement similar to “I wish I had told you” or “you never knew, but…”  It’s heartbreaking to me that someone can go so appreciated and adored, yet not be told.  Or to have those feelings toward someone, and not take the opportunity to tell them!  You will not only make the individual you care about and admire feel elated and significant, but you will also make yourself feel better.  Having the reassurance that the person you love knows that you love them is an amazing feeling in itself.  You have nothing to lose- GO TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM. Right now, pick up your phone and call!


It’s tragic to lose someone, and even more tragic when the loss is far sooner than anticipated.  Take the time to live the life you’ve always wanted and to tell the individuals who make your life amazing that they truly matter to you.

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