the littlest moment

I watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off again while babysitting. While the majority of the movie is just crazy shenanigans that occur while skipping school, the ending quote really sticks with me (and I can imagine, most people) every time.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

It’s one if the truest quotes I’ve heard. You need to take time to appreciate the world around you. Yes, those chirping birds may be annoying at 5am. Okay, that jerk shouting on his cell phone isn’t exactly pleasant. But pause for a second. Look at a tree or a plant nearby. Think of how incredible it is that nature can create a living thing like that on its own. Even more complicated, look at your pet (or the squirrel outside your widow if you aren’t lucky enough to have a pet). It is an incredibly complex being with its own innate behaviors and adaptations. It can respond to external stimuli and take care of its own requirements to sustain life. How AMAZING is that?

Here’s the big shocker:
Look in the mirror. Look at how incredible you are as an individual. Whether you have a family that loves and supports you, or you are a strong and independent individual, you are an incredible human being. You are so complex- skin, bones, muscles that all function together as a unit. A brain and organs that function together to maintain life. Emotions that allow you to respond to the world around you. You are wonderful. Appreciate yourself for the awesome individual that you are.

Looking at the world around you can be as simple as looking in the mirror. Stop for a minute and appreciate life. When doing so, don’t forget to appreciate yourself. :)

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