the littlest reassurance

I absolutely love my summer job. I work with fabulous people, get to play with kids, and just genuinely have fun. Although, this is my first year in a director position and I have been rather unsure of how successful I’ve been at it.

This week however, has given me some faith that I’m doing something right. Several coworkers have expressed how much they enjoy having me in the position that I’m in as well as that I’m doing it very well. My bosses even expressed to me that they appreciate the effort I’ve been putting in.

While wonderful and I’m very thankful for their words, that’s not even the most influential part of my week. I was at the recycling center today and I ran into one of the employees who my family has known for a long time. We exchanged the usual hellos and asking about each others families when he mentioned camp.

“I ran into a family here the other day. Two young boys who go to camp. I mentioned that I knew you and they knew exactly who you were. The boys seemed to LOVE it, and their mom couldn’t stop raving about how wonderful the camp is. You’re definitely doing something right, kid.”

Just that small off-chance run-in that reassures that I’m not totally failing at life. It means so much.

If you appreciate someone, let them know. It just may turn their day, or week, around. :)

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