the littlest response

I was talking with a group of navy ducks, four year old boys. We somehow were talking about our pets, and they told me all about their dogs. One of their dads had cleverly named their dog “Cuervo.” Another was traditionally Rover, and yet another Bruno.

I told them that I also had a dog, and we recently celebrated her birthday. Excitedly, one of them asked me, “What’s your dog’s name?” I told them my dog’s name is Muffin. I got the most adorable response in the world:

“That’s a yummy name!!!!”

I asked him if he like muffins, and he nodded while patting his tummy and saying “mmmmmm!” It was just one of those small moments in life that put the biggest smile on your face, and definitely one worth sharing.20130721-190650.jpg

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