the littlest curiosity

As I was driving down the road and witnessing all the pedestrians, I caught my mind as it began to wander: who are these people? What are their lives like? Do they have large families? Small ones? Are they happy with their lives? Are they desperately dying for something big to come along and change their current situation? Are they suffering in any way? Are they going through an emotional battle of some sort? How did they get here? Very few people live in Montauk, so where is their home city?

I’m the type of individual that loves striking up a conversation with strangers. Sometimes you may find a person with very similar viewpoints as you, or someone who sees the world differently, but with valid reasons behind their opinions. You may make a new friend, or just simply brighten someone’s day. There’s no harm in a little chit chat!

I remember once, probably three or four years ago now, I was in Walmart picking up some makeup. I came across an elderly couple, in their mid to late 70s. She was in a wheel chair, and her husband was doing his best to help her as much as he could. She was looking at the different types of wrinkle creams, but was struggling with the very small lettering on the label. Her husband, even with his glasses, had little success as well. I noticed their predicament and offered to read the label to them. You wouldn’t imagine the joy from them as they happily accepted my offer. Not only did it help them out, but it made me feel good for the rest of the day.

I frequently worry that this world is becoming too self-centric. People are becoming less and less likely to help another person in need, whether they know the individual or not. So my personal challenge, for this post anyway, is to help someone out. Be it holding the door for someone with their hands full, or helping that person with a flat tire. The smallest action can make the biggest difference in someone’s day- wouldn’t you like to be the cause for that? :)

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