the littlest freedom

Today I had a long, wonderful conversation with a child at camp. He is an absolute sweetheart and very bright, we talked about our favorite colors, favorite movies, and many “what if” situations. It was a adorable half hour of my day full of cuddles and hugs and playing with my necklace.

This child, however, tends to stick out from the crowd of his fellow navy ducks. Most noticeably, he wears a hot pink headband to hold back his blonde bob. He wears pink nikes, and adores his magenta shorts. His favorite color is pink, followed by baby blue and purple. His favorite movie is Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar. His pink and teal t-shirt is accented by a necklace with a pendant of a pink fairy. He wears it all and talks about his favorite hobbies with extreme confidence.

Personally? I think that he is a great example of EXCELLENT parenting. Let him express himself the way he wants! There are so many gender stereotypes, and the freedom to break them without ridicule must be so liberating. Seeing as he is only 4, he probably is not completely aware of his difference from the other boys in their black and red clothes showcasing sharks or guitars. We live in an age where the “norm” isn’t so normal any more. Laws are being repealed to allow same-sex marriages, typically “masculine” toys are being marketed toward girls to encourage their creative thinking at an early age. Let the kid be who he wants to be. As long as he is happy, healthy, and safe, what more could you possibly ask for as a parent?

After our conversation, he went back to his group and went through his afternoon activities. He saw me as the end of the day from a distance and started waving frantically. When I waved back and shouted hello to him, he sprinted to me as fast as he could and jumped in my arms. When I picked him up, he kissed my cheek and proceeded to tell me how “awesome” his afternoon was. He is an adorable child, and I can only hope that the stereotypes of society don’t crush the ebullient spirit that he has.

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