the littlest employer

I don’t want to brag, but I have the BEST summer job. I work at Pathfinder Country Day Camp in Montauk, New York. Not only do I love kids, but my coworkers are amazing. The staff cares about each other as well as the children, and it make such an incredible, positive environment.

Nancy, my boss, is an absolute sweetheart. She is funny, professional, and caring. I was thrilled when she asked if I would be her assistant director at camp this year instead of a counselor. I’ve been helping her prepare for camp to start, and we’ve already been having so much fun together! Her husband, Gary, is just a teddy bear of a guy. Sweet and kind, but strong and knows how to get things done.

The love and kindness that comes out of every employee of camp is just exceptional. No, I’m not sucking up to anyone- I have no reason to. But more children should be able to have the opportunity to experience a summer like the one that Pathfinder offers. Such a positive environment can only do wonderful volumes of good for a child. :)


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