the littlest family

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that there are different types of family. There’s your biological family, the family you actually speak to, the family you live with, and the family you choose.

I haven’t been the luckiest creature in the family department in terms of biological. My four immediate family members are incredible. We are very close and typically get along very well. I’m lucky enough to have a biological aunt and two cousins who are pretty great too. My grandmother, my moms mom, was amazing. I miss her everyday, but I know how lucky I was to have her in my life while I did. That’s it for my biological family that I regularly speak to, however. It’s very small.

Tonight, sitting at dinner, I realized that the real family that matters is the family you choose. My “aunt” Christine came over, just because. She sat and offered advice to Pete about his upcoming drivers permit test and asks questions about what we are up to. She genuinely cares, although she has no blood reason to. Sometimes, I really don’t agree with “blood is thicker than water.” If I were put in a situation where I had to choose to save her life over a biological family member who hasn’t bothered to contact me in years, I would choose aunt Christine in a heartbeat.

I’ve always known that my immediate family will always be there for me, no matter what happens. But there really is such a thing as choosing family members, and if you’re lucky, you won’t be able to tell the difference.


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